Crown Molding & Trim
Trim work
  • Crown Molding
  • Cornices
  • Chair Rail & Picture Boxes
  • Door & Window Casing
  • Baseboard
Ceiling Treatments
  • Decorative Beams & Coffered Ceilings
  • Applied Ceiling Accents

Recessed Nooks & Decorative Shelves

Wainscoting, Pillars & Columns
  • Create a unified theme or specific historical style– help define the          
    character of the room and set the stage for the entire decor.

  • Transform large open floor plans that may feel cavernous into a warm,
    spacious and more complete space.

  • Creates a “geometric illusion” in smaller spaces that makes the space appear
    larger and wider.

  • Create balance, harmony and rhythm.

  • Hides gaps or imperfections and creates a more finished look.

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